Dishwasher Controls

There are Dishwashers, and then there are Dishwashers….

There are Dishwashers, and then there are Dishwashers….

Eventually, we all need to shop for a new dishwasher. If yours has just broken, is ancient or your house is under construction we have discovered a new brand “Cove”.  Appliance maker Subzero entered the dishwasher market in 2019 to compete with the popular Miele brand.

Cove Dishwasher

Currently, we have a Miele dishwasher, and love it.  Our model has the ability to add salt to the dispenser which helps with the hard water in Hope Ranch.  Our glasses are crystal clear and we don’t need to rinse the plates before we put them in.  Pots come out perfect too! We had a GE before that, and due to the lack of an integrated water softener, our glasses were opaque with hard water stains (even with a water softener in the garage).

There are numerous brands of dishwashers on the market, ranging from low cost to high end.  In our selection process, we narrowed it down to what would compete with our Miele (to make us even consider switching). We have decided to go with the Cove dishwasher.  It seems they have incorporated the best design features of Miele with one big difference – the price.

Cove Top Silverware Tray

The top-of-the-line Miele MRP is $2,999.00 and the Cove comes in at $2,375.00. The Cove dishwasher shares similar features with Miele including:

  • It operates in near silence, with a noise level of 42db, and 39db when it’s on Extra Quiet mode. 40db is the noise level of a quiet library!
  • Integrated water softener (better for your items and longer life for your dishwasher)
  • Panel ready design, so you can insert your cabinet door material or pick one of
    their finishes with a stainless-steel handle. Both install flush with your cabinets
  • Smart design
  • LED light on the interior to make it easier to see when you are loading or unloading.
  • Adjustable dividers (“tines”) and racking
  • (2) Two removable cutlery baskets one at the bottom and one silverware tray at the top (so you have more flexibility for loading and can adjust the top rack to make room for stemware or other tall glasses. The Cove can fit up to 24 glasses for dinner parties
  • 12 wash and dry cycles that allow you to clean your dirtiest dishes without any pre-rinsing.  Select “Sanitize” to get an NSF grade clean (perfect for COVID worries), or the “Pots & Pans” option to increase the wash time and raise the temperature. Other options include “Soak & Scrub,” “China/Crystal,” “Rinse/Hold,” “Plastics,” and “Energy.”
  • In addition to these cycle options, there are also several wash options, which include: “Delay Start” (delays the cycle for 1-12 hours), “High Temp Wash,” “Sani Rinse” (which extends rinse time by 15 minutes), “Extra Dry” (extends drying by 30 minutes), and “Top Racks Only” (focusing only on the upper rack, so you don’t waste water).

Cove Dishwasher Upper Rack

Cove claims that it’s engineered to last 20 years (2 times the life expectancy of an average dishwasher). It also comes with a 5-year warranty, just in case (as opposed to Miele with only a 1-year warranty).

Obviously, Miele to stay competitive, will offer some additional features. However, for the price point, Cove has enough bells and whistles for me.

We researched the Cove online and then made an appointment (due to COVID) to see it locally at Fergusons on Montecito Street. It’s great looking, full of features and impressive, all at a great value.  Sorry Miele, we are going Cove.

Happy shopping!  Trudi