10’ x 30’

Size of a 1 & 1/2 garage space

10’ x 30’

10’ x 30’ Space Typically Holds:

  • Residential: Holds the contents of a 5 bedroom house, large furniture, major appliances or an automobile plus storage. Hold the contents of a 40’ moving truck or 1 car and 1-2 rooms of furniture.
  • Commercial: 1638 record storage boxes, 5 office spaces, boxes, equipment, and commercial trailer. If used as walk in file storage, holds 936 boxes.
  • We also offer: 13′ x 27′ Spaces

Storage Options

  • Drive Up Storage
  • Extra Tall Storage
  • Premium Storage

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My movers recommended I store at Patterson, easy to get their big truck in and out and the cleanest one they go to and the managers are a big help to everyone including the movers! They were right.
— Beverly, Santa Barbara